Digital Outreach

We diligently outreach with laser focus on every digital platform we oversee and are focused on real church growth.


Our Approach

Our team has a non-traditional culture that has lead to our addiction to missions evangelism.  We love mission trips and our globe trotting has lead us to helping others in dozens of nations overseas.  This mindset of outreach has enabled us to understand our purpose: we are missionaries of the digital space.

With an evangelistic mindset, we attack marketing for our churches as digital outreach.  The team is constantly evaluating the available platforms (both traditional and emerging) to locate the target audiences of interest for each church.  We are not locked into any specific channels or methods to the point that we are not willing to move with the market.  With constant evaluation of the landscape and technology we focus on what is driving church growth.

The team understands that digital outreach sparks conversions.  A strategic platform ad for example on Facebook or Google results in church visits and commitments to Christ.  Today people are only coming into your church from word of mouth or digital outreach in this generation.  It is the first touch of digital advertising, your website or social media that is a first touch from your church.  

Our team understands that digital outreach is a driver of church growth and takes this responsibility serious.  They look to reach the maximum amount of people for the best achievable price on the platforms.    Through media planning, buying, researching, reporting, analytics and advertising technology, the digital outreach begins.